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The Jacobs Ladder X ladder climbing exercise machine is designed specifically for training fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals. JLX marks the first major redesign to Jacobs Ladder in over 20 years, and offers four different climbing positions to train different muscle groups at different intensity levels. The JLX also features a redesigned display and dashboard, providing more feedback and information on workout intensity levels based on speed

L: 80in (203cm)
W: 30.5in (77.5cm) w/o removable cupholders, 37.25in (95cm) With Removable Cupholders Attached
H: 69.5in (177cm)
Max User Weight: 275lbs/125kg
Product Weight: 375 lbs (machine only), 512 lbs (including packaging)
Recommended Ceiling Height: 8.5ft (259cm)
Rungs: 2” Solid Maple with UV Cured Acrylic coating
Power: Self-Powered
Ceiling Height Requirement: 8.5 feet
Digital Readout: Elapsed Time, Calorie Burn, Rate (Ft/Min), Total Feet Climbed, Intensity Level
Frame: Welded Tubular and Laser Cut Steel
Case: ABS Plastic



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